“One year ago I would not have thought that I would be able to tell a story in English. After one season of very nice lessons I dare to speak with the other students. The English lessons are really variable and creative.”

Hennie (cursist Beginners)

Engelse les bij Marijke is leerzaam en zeer laagdrempelig. Haar enthousiaste wijze van lesgeven is aanstekelijk en motiverend. Dat voel je ook in de groep. Ik ben blij met mijn Engelse lessen; ga er zeker mee door.

Cursist (van Beginners cursus)


The English lessons at the Volksuniversiteit are very nice. Our teacher is very enthusiastic. She makes her own teaching material. Sometimes we read an article of our own choice at home and discuss it. We speak a lot and our teacher stimulates us to try to speak English in a correct way. I recommend this course!

Irene (advanced course)


“The English Conversation lessons brought me a lot. It is a good course, with good guidance. Especially the way of teaching met my expectations. The lessons are clear and well- structured, which make learning a language a pleasure. The lessons contain fun topics and we get clear feedback. The teacher is calm and she provides a lot of variation in the exercises during the English lessons. The atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed. I have learned a lot, have expanded my vocabulary and improved my pronunciation.”

Helga (Advanced course)